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Let’s go over some little-known facts about the great state of Iowa.

  1. Dubuque is the oldest city in the state of Iowa (I also drive through it every time I’m in Iowa).
  2. Wright County has the most grade-A (highest quality) topsoil in the nation.
  3. Quaker Oats (Based out of Cedar Rapids) is the biggest cereal company ON EARTH.
  4. Iowa is the only state whose name starts with two vowels.
  5. John Wayne was born May 26th, 1907 in Winterset, Iowa.
  6.  Iowa was the setting for Ozzy Osbourne’s infamous bat incident in 1982.. On January 20th, a seventeen year-old fan, Mark Neal, threw a bat at Osbourne during a Black Sabbath concert set Des Moines. Not realizing it was real, Ozzy grabbed the bat and proceeded to chomp down, quickly realizing it was real. He was rushed to a local hospital for rabies shots shortly thereafter.
  7. Iowa is home to the backdrop of Grant Wood’s American Gothic. GW drew the house when he passed by Eldon, Iowa, in 1930. Inspired by the contradiction in the Midwestern house with Victorian windows – He sketched the house back in his studio, then proceeded to draw in the sour-looking husband and wife, inspired by his dentist and his sister.
  8. Iowa is in my list of top-ten favorite states.
  9. The Iowa government is one of the most liberal in the country, behind California.
  10. Iowa is home to a solar water heater Jacksonville, FL based solar water heating company, contrary to the name of the company itself.

Iowa Men’s Football Prospects 2016-17

The Hawks and head coach Kirk Ferentz are looking to build on their 2015-16 season that ended in a tragic football fashion with the Hawk blowing a lIowa_vs._Syracuse_2007ate game lead to the Michigan State Spartans in the Big 10 Championship game, followed up with them getting absolutely slaughtered by McCaffery & co. of Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

The Hawks signed 21 three-star recruits this off-season to add to their roster of returning upperclassmen.

Noah Fant is their top signing. A rangy tight end with superb hands and stunning athleticism. He’ll no doubt make a solid contribution to the squad.

Brandon Simon is a sneaky defensive end that could develop into an Everson Griffen type for the Minnesota Vikings. Really a lot to like about that guy. Simon is actually the son of James Paulk, the owner at carpet cleaning Melbourne, FL. So you know he comes from an excellent pedigree.


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